How to become a MAUL client

Becoming a MAUL client is not as difficult as you would imagine.

  1. For new clients i.e Medical centers, hospitals, health centers, all you need to do is visit the Ministry of Health, with a request to accredit your health center to provide HIV care and treatment. MoH has guidelines/ criteria they follow before they accredit a facility for HIV care and treatment.
  2.  Once your facility has been found to have the capability to handle Anti-Retroviral Treatment for HIV infected individuals, they issue you a letter of accreditation. It is this accreditation letter that MAUL requires your facility to share so as to begin trading with us.
  3. On presentation of this letter a copy is made and you are provided with a customer details form to fill out, then a file is opened and an account created in MAUL SAP system indicating whether you are a credit or cash customer and this qualifies your facility to begin and continue to trade with MAUL.
  4. It is important to note that MAUL does not sell medication to individuals, even those with prescriptions from the doctor. MAUL only sells to MoH accredited health facilities after they produce a local purchasing order on the facility headed paper.