What We Offer

Our comprehensive suite of services includes procurement, warehousing, distribution, sales and marketing, project management, consulting and Technical Assistance (TA):


The MAUL Procurement Agency (PA) provides value-driven, fast and transparent forecasting and procurement of quality branded and generic health products through a network of global suppliers and manufacturers in line with international best practices and regulatory requirements and guidelines.

PA: $41 M annual commodity procurements; range of commodities includes ARVs;OI drugs; Lab equipment and reagents from over 50 suppliers across the globe. We handle over 100 inbound shipments per year


MAUL offers a comprehensive network of state-of-the-art warehousing facilities with real-time inventory management capabilities. All MAUL warehouses utilize a quality management system that is compliant to ISO 9001:2008 and conform to international best practices for safe storage of pharmaceutical products.

Warehouse: 2900 pallet positions; 1800 SQM; 11,200 Cubic Meters ; with about 85% bin utilization


The MAUL Distribution Agency (DA) provides efficient, secure and responsive delivery solutions from door-to-door, including packaging, labeling, loading and offloading, transportation, cross docking, trans loading, reverse logistics and tracking of consignments.

Distribution: 10 vehicles (including trucks and vans); we distribute commodities of $36 Million per year reaching 190 health facilities across 65 districts

Sales & Marketing

MAUL combines its regional expertise and in-depth knowledge of the global pharmaceutical industry to support pharmaceutical companies in the introduction of quality medicines into new markets in the region.

Project Management

MAUL’s project management approach aims to comprehensively monitor and optimize SCM systems to keep projects on track despite ever-changing demand and supply variables.

Consulting and Technical Assistance

From supply chain system assessments and design to laboratory strengthening initiatives and healthcare facility training, MAUL utilizes its own SCM implementation experience to help clients tailor systems and resources to the local context to enhance both patient outcomes and business results.

Center for Health Systems Strengthening

MAUL’s Center for Health Systems Strengthening was established to strengthen the capacity of National Supply Chain Management Systems through training and mentoring of healthcare workers and by supporting the development and use of national tools for logistics management, forecasting, warehousing and distribution of different commodities.

Health facility Reporting rates current stand at 95% reporting rates; 79% timely reporting. Systems training: Trained over 400 people on various supply chain management function areas