Why Us

Since 1998, MAUL has reached more than 1.6 million people with HIV treatment and tests. More than 205,000 people living with HIV/AIDS have received ARVs as a result of MAUL’s work with 11 PEPFAR/CDC-supported implementing partners and more than 190 sites across Uganda.

Our Competences

Local Expertise

More than 15 years of local experience delivering life-saving medicines and essential health products across the East Africa region

International Focus

Experience working with international funding partners and leading pharmaceutical companies.

Strong Network of Suppliers

A wide network of high-level quality manufacturers and supply partners across the globe.

Innovative Resources

State-of-the-art warehouses and unique proprietary tools to validate forecasts and procurement processes.

Tailored Solutions

Unique solutions customized to a client’s needs, budget and local requirements

World-Class Staff

Dedicated team with years of technical experience in health supply chain management and public health and unrivalled knowledge of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.